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At Sprocketship, we're reimagining the boutique visual effects shop.  We're out to prove that bigger is not necessarily better.  We deliver the highest quality imagery for screens large and small at a reasonable cost.  We leverage world class talent, low overhead, processes honed from years in the trenches, the right tools, and considerable tech firepower to bring the "Hollywood" level VFX and CG Animation from our past to our future clients of all types.














When the conversation is feature film level VFX with our national or international clients, Sprocketship is pleased to offer our specialties:

High-end VFX Compositing and CG animation

For our local Portland-based clients, we expand to offer a full range of post production services:

  •     Visual Effects
  •     CG Animation
  •     Motion Graphics
  •     On-Set Supervision
  •     Storyboarding & Previsualization
  •     Short form Editorial
  •     Motion Capture
  •     Concept Artwork and Design
  •     Product Visualization
  •     Asset Development
  •     Color & Finishing


Currently in development (contact us for more info):

  •     Augmented and Virtual Reality Development
  •     Long form Editorial
  •     Live Action Production
  •     Software Development
  •     Sound Design
















We can bring Sprocketship to you!  For projects that require rapid-fire interface with your production or creative team, we have a tightly packaged mobile version of our studio setup and pipeline.  We can provide a senior operator or small team to work directly with you, in-house, while maintaining the virtual link to the mothership as a lifeline when support is needed.













At our core we are filmmakers;  storytellers dedicated to the moving image. We are technologists and engineers who solve problems at the root and design systems to maximize efficiency, yielding the highest quality results. We are artists who have an incessant need to create perfection. We are collaborators who enjoy the challenges and personalities of production and the push and pull of a project arc. We are lifelong students of the craft by day, and teachers of it by night. We smile and joke that “we've been doing this as long as we can remember, and will continue for as long as we’re able.”

J. Bills

J was 2D Lead at Psyop in NYC prior to joining Weta Digital: first in Roto/Paint on Lord of the Rings and Kong, later in Compositing on several films through to Avatar. In 2008, J moved to Portland as a Lead Compositor at LAIKA on Coraline and ParaNorman. Stints at Sony Imageworks and Weta followed (Lovely Bones, Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Alice in Wonderland) before returning home to Portland for Gus Van Sant’s Virginia.
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Steve Molin

In addition to keeping the computers on, Steve keeps his hand in with Lighting, FX and Compositing. His credit list includes over two dozen films: he has worked for VFX powerhouse Industrial Light+Magic on Jurassic Park, Harry Potter 2, and Star Wars; for motion capture studio ImageMovers on A Christmas Carol; and for LAIKA on Coraline and ParaNorman. He is happiest with one foot in the technical world and one in the artistic.
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We want to hear from you!

4784 N Lombard St.
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Portland, OR 97203

Reach us by phone at (503) 893-4091

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